About Us

Farm to bottle
Alternative health has partnered with select farms within the USA. We inspect every facility to make sure it meets our standards. All hemp we use is pesticide free and raised by hand using organic practices. We use a blend of multiple CBD strains to ensure our product has a high terpene profile and use gentle extraction process to preserve the whole plant product.

Whole plant
We produce full-spectrum, CBD-rich hemp oil that encompasses the whole-plant. This is extremely different and far superior to single-molecule, “isolate” CBD which so many other companies sell. Alternative health CBD contains a diverse range of secondary cannabinoids and other nutrient compounds which isolate CBD does not. As a result, our CBD products foster enhanced therapeutic benefits that so many other CBD products lack.

Lipid Infusion 
Our process for full-spectrum hemp “infusion” is completely unique from common “extraction” processes used by most other CBD companies. Extraction uses pressure and/or chemicals to fracture cells in order to release CBD compounds. This will never yield a true full-plant, full-spectrum product. Alternative Health’s “Lipid Infusion” process is gentle, preserves natural cellular bonds, and activates a full-spectrum, entourage cannabis extract which is more effective for your wellness than any other available.